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There is general consensus among people and the scientific community that human beings are seriously damaging our planet to the point that all life on Earth is now threatened with extinction through the over-exploitation of the earth's resources, human caused climate change, destruction of habitats, and the pollution of the land, air and waters of our planet. We are all in this together, whether we like it or not, and we are glad you are visiting our site. This is our on-line meeting place, where we organize our activities, share ideas, and publicize our mission to save our beautiful planet and all its inhabitants from extinction due to global warming and the negative effects of human activities. You will also be able to formally join us in our quest and take a pledge to modify your lifestyle to help combat the grave threats that face our planet. If you decide to join Nature Protectors and want to help our Fragile Planet don't hesitate to do so! We need anyone who can contribute to reversing the damage that has been inflicted on our planet.


Imagine a world where energy was clean, safe, and secure. A world free of oil spills, coal pollution and risky nuclear power. A world where we did everything possible to prevent further climate change. The good news is this world lies within our reach, thanks to renewable energy. Nature Protectors is working to accelerate the leap to a 100 percent renewable energy future which is the key to our security and wellbeing.

Waste Preventing

Managing our waste has impacts on the environment, so preventing waste is to be preferred to any waste management option. By not generating waste, we can eliminate the need to handle, transport, treat and dispose of waste. We also then avoid having to pay for these services. To make a difference, we must make a conscious effort to do so.

Finance the Future

Today, the flow of money to fossil fuel and nuclear projects stands in the way of a clean, safe and secure future for all. Nature Protectors work on finance strives to ensure investors avoid or withdraw from risky , polluting coal mining and oil drilling projects. Instead, we support investment in the secure, clean renewable energy future we all want.

Food Storage

More than one billion single-use plastic bags are handed to consumers each day in the U.S. and it takes a 15-year-old tree to produce just 700 paper grocery bags. Paper or plastic is no longer the question. Reusing shopping bags significantly reduces both emissions and waste. There are also plenty of choices for small reusable bags, perfect for lunch or gifting.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is collected from renewable resources, which are naturally replenished on a human timescale. The many cost-effective ways to renewably electrify, heat or cool your home include air source heat pumps, pellet stoves, ground source heat pumps and geothermal technologies. Check for programs, subsidies, incentives or tax credits to lower your upfront costs.

Environmental Awareness

Environmental awareness is to understand the fragility of our environment.When learning about the environment’s declining health it is easy to feel discouraged, but what keeps us fighting for a healthy world is the future of our children. They should not have to inherit our environmental problems and in order to keep their future bright, spreading awareness is imperative.

Consumer Power

The conversion of irreplaceable forests into consumer products like tissues, books, paper and ingredients food and toothpaste is one of the great environmental crimes of our time. But, in the battle to protect our forests, consumers have the power. Don't believe us? Just ask all of whom changed their sourcing policies after our supporters piled on the pressure.

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